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Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
there that we raided was his promise to televise health-care negotiations on c-span. it was an interesting promise at the time, made to distinguish himself from hillary clinton, who of course had led the effort in the early part of the clinton presidency for the health care plan and was criticized for having those negotiations private. what did obama do? exactly what hillary did. so we have raided -- so we have rated that a promise broken. where obama talked a big game about transparency, fulfilled a lot of transparency, don't get me wrong, but on something like that, the way washington works, those negotiations are not on c- span, they are in a room at the white house where deals are cut. it is sausage being made. that promise was not fulfilled, so that one earned a broken. host: what about his broader pledges on health care? guest: health care was an area where he had a fair amount of success. he kept 47% of the health-care promises. many of those were tucked inside the health care law, which of course passed in the first two years of his presidency when democrats controlled the house. s
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am EST
beyond the question, controlling health-care costs is something we have to look at in this country. so much of what we spend it is attributable to increases in health-care costs. we need to get some of the sharpest minds engaged in focusing how we can bring down health-care costs. host: means testing for medicare and social security. guest: tinkering with medicare and social security is appropriate. right now there's a cap. $110,00, youe know longer contribute to the social security system. i see no reason why we should not raise that substantially. these are people that have the ability to pay into the system and should pay into the system. otherwise it becomes a regressive system if you cut off right now. host: what about raising the eligibility age? guest: i am not in favor of that. i come from a gray district in pennsylvania. nobody is getting rich on social security. raising the eligibility age is probably a bad move. caller: i wonder if they can come to an agreement on the fiscal cliff -- how are you going to solve our debt crisis? i did not think congress should get paid. it is
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am EST
a specific legislative item, president obama's health-care bill, and this was in 2009. but never have we seen this kind of concerted effort. and as michael brune from the sierra club told me, he told them that this is a 10-year plan. this is not a one-year, two-year plan, not built around and election. this is something we want to be here to stay. big picture, hugely contentious issues -- we have not seen this before it is unpresidented -- unprecedented. what caught a lot of people off guard is why does the naacp want to talk about money in politics? they are not a campaign finance reform group. on and on issues as key to their own agendas -- banks see these -- they see these issues as key to their own agendas. host: mary in louisville, kentucky, you are on the air. caller: you already took my call. host: all, sorry about that. jack. caller: and listening to your new names -- "progressive." do you call yourself a socialist? guest: me personally? absolutely not. caller: so your organization is a liberal, but you are not for a socialist-type legislation for "the people." i want to ask you a que
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am EST
a letter to health-care providers clarifying no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence in law enforcement authorities. provide incentives for schools to hire skilled resource officers. developed model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher learning. the next call comes i comes in illinois. give us your thoughts on this conversation. caller: actually, illinois has a really strict gun laws. i do not think that the magazines has nanything to do with the capability with people being shot. people can take a bolt action rifle and do the same damage without missing. if you have thirty round cip or larger, half the shot is going to miss. they are random fired. i think it is more do to the economy. people losing their jobs. they are turning to drugs to make money. crime and violence follows the drugs. guns do youkind of drug own? caller: some rifles, shotguns, and pistols. host: what do you use them for? caller: mostly hunting and target shooting. host: had you ever used one in self protection? caller: know i have not. the
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am EST
with an aging population, rising health-care costs, global competitiveness and all those issues. guest: and the size ofconomist our deficit as well the democrats feel you need higher crop -- higher taxes to bring money into the treasury to bring -- to pay for services. host: linda in middletown, conn. caller: a previous caller said republicans should judged not lest they be judged for the fighting is, republicans love passing judgment on everybody else but themselves. like the way they constantly plot -- blamed the death of obama and totally distance themselves from the 80-year buildup of george bush. he spent as into this recession and obama has to spend to get us out especially since the republicans and their corporate bodies have done nothing to create jobs. the republicans voted against the president's jobs bill which was a slap in the place for americans looking for work. host: what did you hear? do you suspect president obama will initiate more spending? guest: there are a lot of constraints about that and when you look at it from an economic perspective, there is more fiscal con
Jan 20, 2013 7:00am EST
in the list of things on the agenda would be seen through his health-care law. it is a very important that he was the president and this to see the implementation when disco in 2013. there are a couple of court challenges on the contraceptive mandate and a couple of challenges on who is allowed to claim the exchange credit and things like that, all of them will get a very different results because president obama is in power rather than mitt romney. >host: the pro-gun movement during up as well. we are seeing not only the and are a but others of of in this effort on the other side of the aisle. guest: that was the other question about why one of your viewers, where there are opposed to a gun registry. they view themselves not as defenders of the second of been the but of all freedom. they see it as a guarantee your of all freedoms. if people have the right to be able to stop tearing me to a point of again, that is the guarantor of freedom. that is the reason. if the government had a list of who has guns, the belief is that if a tyrant or tyrannical rule of law makers takes over, they know who
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6